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24, 사자자리, Italy, Milano
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신장5'7" - 5'9" [170센티미터 - 175센티미터]
무게120 - 140 파운드 [55 - 63 킬로그램]
언어영어, 이탈리아어
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my sexual fantasy : someone throwing a million dollars cash on my naked body :) fat big tips make me wild arrrr...
Notice: DO NOT ask for anything if you don't tip. DO NOT ask to meet or hook up. There is a TIP MENU in BIO. Be nice to me and my tippers or get fucked.
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Hot and horny all the time for my lovers.XOXOXO Kisses
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no brain, beggers, freeloaders, stupid and slow guys
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월요일 오전 8:00 – 오후 8:00
화요일 오전 8:00 – 오후 8:00
수요일 오전 8:00 – 오후 8:00
목요일 오전 8:00 – 오후 8:00
금요일 오전 8:00 – 오후 8:00
토요일 오전 8:00 – 오후 8:00
일요일 오전 8:00 – 오후 8:00
Love to spend time with you

I am an intellectual fun woman. I specialize in catering to fun & kind affluent men. I have been fortunate enough to have traveled the world extensively, earned a graduate degrees, and work as a freelance artist. I have and continue to cater to the most high-profile, influential, philanthropic, and successful businessmen nationwide.
I would love to make you feel desired and cater to all your needs. Allow me to be your beautiful escape and the sanctuary you experience.
I love an adventure, let’s make one together!

I enjoy showing my viewers a great time.
Let’s enjoy life together and see what sort of fun we can conjure up together!

I Love You Heart Sticker by Simon Falk
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I'm a chocolate lover!

Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut Bars | @hbharvest #chocolate #healthy #coconut #vegan #glutenfreeSandraMilano I'm a chocolate lover! custom pic 1

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Iphone 7 ROSE
Iphone 7 ROSE
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Louboutin shoes
Louboutin shoes
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Victoria s Secret Lingerie
Victoria s Secret Lingerie
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19. 6. 21.
So good so stoned so deep into that one
19. 4. 23.
you're beautiful! you are divinely sweet! I will be happy to be your friend
19. 3. 8.
My dear, fragile and tender, I congratulate you on International Women's Day! I never get tired of admiring you every day! You are the embodiment of femininity, grace and gentleness! Thank you, dear, for your women's care and the joy that you bring into my life!
19. 2. 18.
I love your clear eyes,
emitting warm light
these hands are strong, gentle,
and there are no other such ones!
Tell me I'm beautiful
did you make me like that
I want to be kind, gentle,
because you are next to me.
You are my love, an unexpected miracle,
the light in the window, the warmth of the soul.
How beautiful are the minutes with you
but they run so fast!
I'm sorry for the grievances of random
or my stupid jealousy,
for words that were not said
I just love you very much.
19. 2. 17.
Nick Andrei127
19. 2. 17.
I promise not to do this more honestly, please disassemble)
19. 1. 13.
Love S2'
18. 12. 30.
......................../> フ 💕
.........................|  _  _ l 💕
....................../` ミ_xノ мур
..................../     |
................../  ヽ   ノ
............. ..│  | | |
........../ ̄|   | | |
..........| ( ̄ヽ__ヽ_)__)
18. 6. 15.
18. 5. 6.
Favourite music

I want Victoria's Secret lingerie!


I want you to love me good, fuck me good and make me smile.