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38, 전갈 자리, Bulgaria, Sofia
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신장>5'7" - 5'9" [170센티미터 - 175센티미터]
무게120 - 140 파운드 [55 - 63 킬로그램]
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Hello!My name is Cory!I love to be fucked and to cum!
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목요일 오후 5:00 – 오후 11:00
금요일 오후 5:00 – 오후 11:00
토요일 오후 5:00 – 오후 11:00
일요일 오후 5:00 – 오후 11:00
Hey, sweetheart!

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I always love having fun with real gentlemen who are deserving of my attention and time.

As I'm the master of webcam modeling, I will be the best girl you can possibly want.

Of course our time together is a guaranteed blast!

I will give you a time to remember, a moment to be cherished far longer than the amount of time we spent together.

I want you to feel relaxed and calm when I am with you.

And I take extra care to share every moment, be there for you.

I will be your companion for long nights and deeply sensual muse.

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sweetcorryy님의 위시리스트
Be happy
Be happy
I wish all my life to smile,sing,dance,be healty and happy!!!
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To be youre favourite model
To be youre favourite model
I love to be in front of the cam and i love to be youre favourite!
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Te iskam da te eba jaka si
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Beautiful Thanks For Add
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Thank you very much!!!Kisses!
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You wake up all my senses, every time I see your eyes and your body!!! My rate five stars and much more...
Text me about yourself!

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I would be happy to satisfy your eyes!

Favorite movies

dumb-dumber-movie-poster.jpg invitation-movie-poster.jpg moon.jpg

Moreover I like passionate kisses all over the body!

sweetcorryy Moreover I like passionate kisses all over the body! custom pic 1

My hobbies

I am fiercely independent, ruled only by my own virtues and values, intellectually curious, and sprinkled with a hint of mischievousness because I love to laugh and make my own fun.

Museums, tennis, running, golf (beginner) and most importantly travelling.

Visit the Louvre Museum in Paris and admire its amazing architecture. Airport from above